Viral music sensation Lathan Warlick and country music hitmaker RaeLynn are in love, albeit not with each other. As most fans know, RaeLynn has been married to Josh Davis for nearly five years. And yes, Warlick, too, is happily married.

So, when the two music lovers came together to write a song last fall, it was their own respective loves that they pulled from creatively for their new scorcher of a song titled “Roots.”

“I just thought about my wife and everything she did and understanding where my wife came from,” remembers Warlick in an exclusive clip about the song premiering exclusively with Taste of Country. “She is the definition of ‘Roots’ to me.”

Warlick and RaeLynn wrote "Roots" alongside fellow songwriters Blake Hubbard, Jarrod Ingram, Summer Overstreet and Zach Dyer. The song with the heavy backbeat and addictive groove talks of loving someone not only on the outside, but on the inside. The lyrical foundation is firmly planted in the idea that it's not just about loving someone for all that they are, but for all that they truly believe.

“['Roots'] talks about finding a girl that knows where she comes from and having a girl that has roots and has values and stands up for something,” explains RaeLynn, who goes on to call it ‘a song for country girls.”

Even more impressive than the emotional backbone of the song is the fact that “Roots” was created on the very same day RaeLynn and Warlick met for the very first time.

“The day we met and wrote in the studio, I was a little nervous because it’s not every day that you first meet someone and write an incredible song,” explains RaeLynn.

But that's exactly what happened. And incredible, it most certainly is.

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