There's something unfamiliar and arresting about hearing the lyrics of "Tequila Eyes" sung by a man. Randy Rogers Band's new single flips a relied-upon trope that demands a sober woman protect herself from the drunk man.

Rogers immediately becomes a sympathetic figure during this song from the group's new Nothing Shines Like Neon album. Vocally, he finds that groove easily enough anyway. His husky Texas twang bleeds during most songs, but when he's protecting himself it's even more effective.

"Tequila Eyes" is a simple country arrangement with no slick tricks to dress up an honest story. The fiddle is a standout instrument, however. It almost dances around Rogers as he calls out "I see right through those tequila eyes" over and over again.

Did You Know?: "Tequila Eyes" came from a conversation Rogers had with an old friend prior to a show in Houston. He tells Billboard the man said he could see tequila in her eyes.

Listen to Randy Rogers Band, "Tequila Eyes"

Randy Rogers Band, "Tequila Eyes" Lyrics:

You look so out of place with these shades of neon on your face / It's not like you hiding here / Your shadow on these smoky walls don't look good on you at all / No more than those damn midnight tears.

I can see her, tequila in your eyes / Makes me want to run, run, run / Save me from a pain they can't disguise, before you come undone / Cause they can't hide the truth and I am trying to / I see right through those tequila eyes.

I noticed when I first walked in that stool beside you needs a friend / Looks like you could use one, too / Girl, the trouble with the past is you can't kill it with a shot glass / Once it catches up with you.

It's either had too much / Or haven't had enough.

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