What's more adorable than a bunch of adoptable puppies? Country icon Randy Travis spending time with those adoptable puppies at an animal shelter in Nashville. The singer recently paid a visit to Metro Nashville Animal Care & Control to support the organization's adoption efforts, and the pictures are positively smile-inducing.

According to a press release, Travis and his wife Mary toured Metro Nashville Animal Care & Control's facility, spent some time with the pups who were awaiting their "forever homes," and took photos with other shelter visitors. Two dogs were given the names Randy and Travis in the country star's honor — and, happily, were adopted shortly thereafter.

Photos from Travis' visit to the Music City shelter show the singer and his wife cuddling with and feeding treats to a number of dogs. The couple have dogs of their own and are advocates for pet adoption.

Travis continues his recovery from a 2013 stroke, which took away many of his abilities, including his ability to sing. In May, the artist released a memoir, Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith, and Braving the Storms of Life. The book talks about his rise in country music in the 1980s, his struggles with anger and alcohol, his stroke and how his wife has helped him recover.

"I don’t think he’s ever seen himself as a victim,” Mary says. "I tell him all the time, ‘You speak volumes in your silence.' In his silence, he can make me feel like a princess. I feel so blessed to get to walk beside him through this.”

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