Rascal Flatts have been on top of the country music scene and regularly churning out hits for more than a decade now. With platinum-selling records and thousands of miles on the road, we couldn’t imagine that the Flatts would call it quits anytime soon. Surprisingly, the trio recently revealed that before releasing their latest album ‘Changed,’ they had a band-wide come-to-Jesus meeting during which they almost decided to break up.

It’s not that Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney had any major points of contention with each other. It’s just that so many outside factors were challenging their resolve to move forward as an award-winning country group. Some of those challenges included the closing of Lyric Street, the Flatts’ record label, and their decision to switch management companies, which resulted in the trio getting sued by former manager Turner Nichols.

“A year-and-a-half ago, we all looked at each other and I think there was a part of us wondering if we could go on after 10 years,” Rooney admits to the Bangor Daily News. “We had just gone through a significant management change where we had to make a tough decision and move on, and we had a meeting at Jay’s house.”

“We had a talk to see if [performing as Rascal Flatts] was something we still wanted to do,” the Rascal Flatts guitarist continues, “and we decided yes, so let’s make the next 10 years another great run … We all have something special together that no one else can really understand, just the three of us. I think it’s a blessing.”

Instead of folding their cards, the award-winning group used their difficulties as fodder for writing new songs. The album’s title track tells the familiar story of a man giving his life to God and being baptized. It’s symbolic of the band’s journey to success and their connection to one another through Christianity.

“We joke that it’s taken us 12 years and eight albums to make this album,” Rooney says. “We’ve been through a lot and I think the hardcore fan can hear it in this album. I think it’s our strongest record to date. It’s exactly what the three of us are about musically.”

Now that they are out on a successful tour, hopefully the ‘Banjo’ hitmakers are enjoying the view from the top without worrying too much about lawsuits or record labels. For the next few months, Rascal Flatts will continue traveling alongside Edens Edge, Little Big Town and Eli Young Band on tour.