Ray Fulcher's precise, concise songwriting shines during "Girl in It," his debut single on Black River Entertainment. The uptempo country observation is radio-ready, which should surprise no one, given his resume.

Songs that praise a woman's worth in this world are hardly rare in country music. Longtime fans of the format may recall Brooks & Dunn's late career hit "Put a Girl in It" (2008), a Peach Pickers-penned rocker that celebrated (and slightly objectified) females. Fulcher, along with co-writers Erik Dylan and James McNair, are a bit more romantic. Producer Jonathan Singleton's banjo-driven shuffle also adds softer strokes to a message that remains true to a more chivalrous time. A vague nostalgia anchors the song in tradition.

The singer doesn't get a chance to prove himself a dynamic vocalist during "Girl in It." The song doesn't quite tell a well-rounded story, either, but like some of Easton Corbin's early singles, this new song feels effortless while speaking to Fulcher's potential in both areas. A unique final chorus and third verse prove this track more of a songwriting showcase than anything. That's certainly not a bad thing to be known for as a new artist.

Did You Know?: You can't talk Ray Fulcher without talking Luke Combs. Fulcher co-wrote eight songs on each of his friend's first two albums, including four No. 1 hits.

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Ray Fulcher's "Girl in It" Lyrics:

At the car wash on the corner / There's a boy about 17 / Spending every ashtray quarter / Trying to get that Chevy clean / If he plays his cards right / By 8 o'clock tonight / There'll be a girl in it / And he'll put on a slow one / She'll play hard to get / Make him work all night / For that front porch kiss / When he goes home to sleep / And drifts into a dream / There'll be a girl in it.

They're why they make porch swings and half carat rings / Carolina sunsets and California Kings / If your heart's on fire / If everything's spinning / If you're going out of your mind / I bet there's a girl in it.

There's a Romeo in an airport / Dozen roses in his hand / Waiting by the window /For that big ol' bird to land / 'Cause that 737 / Dropping down from heaven’s Got a girl in it.

Repeat chorus

There's a fool on a bar stool / Soaking up regret / Knows he oughta slow down / But he ain't done it yet / 'Cause there's something in that glass / That makes him forget the past / With that girl in it.

They're why they make JD and neon lights / Smoke rolling slow while that sad steel slides / If your heart's on fire / If everything's spinning / If you're going out of your mind / I bet there's a girl in it (whoa) / Girl in it (whoa).

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