Rayne Johnson is a smooth operator in "Front Seat," an R&B-influenced, soon-to-be-love song that showcases his vocal passion.

If someone uses Johnson's debut single to steal another guy's girlfriend? Well, that other dude probably had it coming. "Front Seat" is a metaphor for how a girl should be treated. The newcomer comes across a woman who's being taken for granted, and sets out to let her know that isn't right. By the end he's moving in to get her on his arm — it's a smooth play that casts no suspicion.

Lyrically, "Front Seat" is a sincere love ballad that targets fans who are feeling a little bit used, which is how everyone feels at some point. Quietly the song is sneaking up country radio airplay charts, much like Matt Stell did with a similarly unoffensive cut in 2019. Any notion that nice guys finish last is dead in modern country music.

Did You Know?: Rayne Johnson is from Fairfield, Ohio.

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Rayne Johnson, "Front Seat" Lyrics:

He makes you sit in the back seat / When his boys call shotgun / The type of guy looking for the next best thing / When he's already got one / I can tell he takes you for granted / But you're the prettiest thing on the planet / I ain't sayin' you belong with me ...

But you belong in the front seat of any car / You should be the DJ singing like a rock star / You shouldn't be alone in the back / Baby you're better than that / You belong on the right side of the right guy / That puts you first because you're the grand prize / I ain't saying you belong with me / But you belong in the front seat.

He said, not tonight baby, can't make it / Yeah, you know, you should've known / You curled your hair, wearing that new dress that he'll never lay his eyes on / You can tell he doesn't need you / The world in front of him, you're in the rearview / I ain't sayin' you belong with me ...

Repeat Chorus

You know, it's getting harder / And it's like you're drowing in the water / And it feels like you need a new life.

You can hop in the front seat of my heart / Anywhere, anytime you want / You can be my queen sitting on my throne girl / You know you got one. 

Repeat Chorus


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