It's been less than a year since Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock announced their separation after 26 years of marriage, and it's been a tough road for the singer. McEntire admits that the divorce, which was finalized at the end of October and was something she didn't want "in any way, shape or fashion," is still something that perplexes her.

"I have a long list and so many questions for God," she tells Parade. "Why did this happen? And how did you allow that?"

Still, McEntire is using her faith to help her pull through.

"God’s way is the best way. And it seems to me that Narvel is happier, and I’m in a really good state of mind," she continues. "It’s taken me this time to pull through why and how. And there’s been a lot between us, and I believe that to forgive is easier than forget. I can never forget some of what he did. But going on with life is what’s really important. And my faith helped me with that."

Although navigating her divorce has been a bumpy road -- and one that she didn't see coming -- McEntire isn't letting it get her down too much. She's looking toward the future.

"There’s lots more things I want to do. Another TV show. A Western movie ... I’d love to tour more. I’m so enjoying the residency at Caesars Palace with Brooks & Dunn ... Continuing recording. I’d love to be in the studio in the coming years if the fans still want me there," she notes. "I’m totally enjoying life and having the time of my life."

McEntire is forthright about the necessity of having fun: She believes that "if it's not fun, I'm just not doing it," and adds, "I  think about what God wants me to do. I focus on that. Faith is really important. It keeps me sane, and it keeps me hopeful."

She concludes, "I’m very happy, and I’m glad that Narvel is happy. What more can I ask for?"

McEntire and Brooks & Dunn recently extended their Vegas residency, and while the country icon celebrates her 61st birthday on Monday (March 28), she's clearly still got a whole lot of spark left.

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