Reba McEntire has been hinting at the possibility of a revival for her beloved Reba sitcom, but it now seems like fans might have to wait a while longer for that to happen.

During an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America, the country star said that despite interest on the part of the cast and crew, reboot plans have stalled, and there hasn't been much recent progress towards getting the gang back together.

"Unfortunately not. I thought we were getting really close," McEntire says, "But nope. Not gonna be able to do it for right now. But we'll keep seeing if we can get in there somewhere."

In the meantime, McEntire is focusing on a very different role: For the first time, she's been cast as a villain. The country star and her boyfriend Rex Linn play husband and wife duo Sunny and Buck Barnes on the upcoming third season of ABC drama Big Sky; their characters own Sunny Day Excursions, a camping company with a reputation for disappearing customers.

McEntire and Linn have acted together before — their status as coworkers predates their romantic relationship by decades, dating back to the 1991 film The Gambler — but now that they're partners both onscreen and off, McEntire admits that Linn has been a bit of a taskmaster when it comes to running lines.

"He makes me rehearse so much. By the time we get on the set, I know my lines, your lines, your lines ... but it's fun," McEntire explains.

McEntire and Linn are also co-stars in another project, too: This summer, they filmed Lifetime movie The Hammer, alongside McEntire's old Reba co-star Melissa Peterman. The Hammer is slated to arrive in 2023.

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