Husband and wife actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson revealed to the world on March 12 that they've contracted the coronavirus. An Australian journalist named Richard Wilkins has also tested positive, and he believes he caught it from Wilson.

According to ABC News, Wilkins says he and Wilson were together at the Sydney Opera House on March 7 for an interview. Two days later, they were together again for another chat.

"We’re assuming this is from Rita," the journalist shares. "It may not be. They’ve all said it could be anyone, anywhere, any time, such is the prevalence of this thing. I was having a chat to her and that’s probably my best guess as to what happened."

Luckily, not only are Wilson and Hanks recuperating after catching it, but Wilkins has yet to experience any specific symptoms usually related to the virys.

"I'm surprisingly very well," Wilkins says in an interview from his Sydney home, where he is under isolation. "You could’ve knocked me over with a feather last night when I got that call. It took me a couple of minutes to reel from the news that they gave me. But I feel fine. I feel 100 percent."

Rita Wilson has ties to country music, having released an album called Halfway to Home in 2019. She also talked to Taste of Country Nights about the project, specifically calling out a song called "Throw Me a Party."

"I had been diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, and when I got the diagnosis, I didn’t know what the prognosis was going to be," Wilson remarked last April. "I got scared and I said to my husband (Tom Hanks) that, ‘Look, if something happened to me and I should go before you, please be sad for a very long time, but first, I want a party. I want to have a celebration.' So I had this title, ‘Throw Me a Party.'"

Hanks and Wilson were in Australia together working on an Elvis Presley biopic. Hanks is set to play Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, in the film, but now the couple are in isolation there.

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