There's a significant difference between being fragile and being sensitive. The fact that the members of Runaway June recognize this distinction is one of the many factors that draws them together.

The trio of Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne define themselves as strong minds and independent thinkers, and their journey supports these characteristics. The singers spent years in Nashville trying to break into the industry, facing constant rejection along the way. But their perseverance led them to one another, and a debut self-titled EP that brings to the surface the emotions that define them.

Take "Got Me Where I Want You," an emotional ballad where the lead character lets her guard down in a moment of weakness; to the empowering "Buy My Own Drinks" that embraces being alone; or "I Am Too" that tells the story of a woman brave enough to admit she's at fault.

"We're not fragile women, but we're very sensitive," Cooke begins. "In regards to myself, I've always been a very sensitive person. I think that comes with being an artist and being able to absorb your surroundings. You have to be very sensitive to conversation and feelings and the things that you see."

The singer reveals that she comes from a humble upbringing, growing up poor alongside her 11 siblings in Florida. But the adversity she faced awarded her unwavering strength, a factor she channels into the group.

"I'm not easily broken. When I'm told no, it doesn't shut me down, I'm not afraid of a lot of things. But someone can get to my heart very easily or things can soften my heart very easy," she interprets. "I'm very sensitive, but not fragile. I feel like we are that way as a group."

The trio demonstrate their sensitive sides when discussing matters close to their hearts—Wayne has compassion for animals, Cooke wants to help children around the world and Mulholland works to aid the environment. They stand together to support each other's passions, along with group involvement inthe John Wayne Cancer Foundation and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. They've even tossed around "serious ideas" of starting their own charity.

This maturity is reflected in their music, as well. The 2017 Taste of Country RISERS admit they've grown so much since forming in 2015, that songs they wrote three years ago aren't as relevant to their lives as they once were. Cooke and Wayne have both experienced broken engagements, while Mulholland is ready to marry fiance Ian Jay.

But even when they're at different stages in life, they all identify with one another's experiences. "When you're honest and vulnerable, that's what makes you a strong person," describes Wayne.

"We're hard to break," Cooke states confidently. "We're pretty tough."

Runaway June is available now. They'll hit the road on Carrie Underwood's massive Cry Pretty Tour 360 for the better half of 2019, along with fellow opening act Maddie & Tae.

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