Ryan Kinder is one of country music's most promising up and comers. He recently sat down with Taste of Country to talk about his new single, "Close," and plans for a debut album.

Kinder reveals that "Close" was inspired by his wife when he was reflecting on the beginning of their relationship and how he didn't want to add any pressure. "I just want to enjoy each other for the time we had, who knows how long it was going to be," Kinder explains. "I just wanted to be in that moment, and that was that idea that spurred the song."

After listening to music by pop acts Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20, Kinder says he was in that "groove," saying he and songwriters Lindsay Rimes (LoCash, the Cadillac Three) and Jeremy Stover (Justin Moore, Lonestar) thought of "every iteration of the word 'close' you could...it pretty much wrote itself in about an hour and a half."

Introducing Taste of Country's RISERS:

The up and comer is working toward releasing a full album in the summer of 2017. While most of the songs for the project have been selected, he does have plans to write more before releasing the album. He cites "Still Believe in Crazy Love" and "Friends" as two other tracks he's excited for fans to hear.

"Every time I play it, I forget I'm playing and just kind of get into that zone and get lost in it," the singer says about  "Still Believe in Crazy Love."

"And it's an awesome feeling until you forget you need to play," he says with a laugh, calling it a "redemption of love song."

Kinder is a part of Taste of Country's Hot Seat campaign, which will help determine which of country's most promising young acts get to take part in our RISERS campaign. Fans can vote for the singer through Jan. 23 as one of country music's most promising rising stars.

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