There was a ton of speculation about who would be playing the much-hyped Cable in Deadpool 2, and as of today, we finally know it’s Josh Brolin! And while that’s fantastic news, it’s also a little confusing for those of us who have been following the whole Avengers: Infinity War saga: Josh Brolin is also playing Thanos in the upcoming Avengers movies.

Ryan Reynolds jokingly alluded to this in a tweet this afternoon, in which he called to attention the fact that Brolin is now hogging shared universes… much like his Avengers villain counterpart would, actually. Reynolds sent out an “outraged” tweet accompanied by an extremely strange promo image featuring dominos (because, you know, Domino), Josh Brolin’s face in latte foam, and the names of the Golden Girls printed on what I’m hoping is a napkin.

Reynolds no doubt had a say in Brolin’s casting, since he’s an executive producer on the movie and probably went through a few chemistry tests with Brolin to see how well they’d interact on set. Plus, Deadpool is technically in the X-Men universe, which isn’t in the same Avengers filmic universe. But I’m about to start a bet that at one point Deadpool is going to say something like, “Hey, you kinda look like a guy I know, except he’s purple and kind of huge and lives out in space.” A situation like this is only fodder for more in-jokes.

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