Sara Evans returns to the sound that landed her No. 1 hits like ‘A Real Fine Place to Start’ and ‘Born to Fly’ (2005 and 2000 respectively) with her new song ‘Anywhere.’ The radio-ready single was co-written by Evans’ brother, Matt, and is included on her latest album ‘Stronger.’ 

The production and pace of the song are right down country Main St. Lyrically, this one is very similar to ‘Heads Carolina, Tails California’ by Jo Dee Messina in that it’s a carefree, top-down, who-cares-where-we-end-up sort of driving love song. Evans’ cut lacks the sharp edge of Messina’s, but the pop-country production is fun enough to keep one toe-tapping throughout the four-minute song.

‘Cause we can go anywhere / Yeah we can go anywhere / I don’t care / California, Mississippi, all the way to New York City / As long as you’re riding shotgun with me / Anywhere / Love will get us there,” she sings during the chorus.

OK, ‘Anywhere’ is very similar to ‘Heads Carolina, Tails California.’

The similarities aren’t offensive, however. The two songs are like cute twins in that they’re somewhat interchangeable and slightly disposable. This song is in a key that allows Evans to showcase her range and ACM Award-winning pipes. There’s always a space for that on the stereo.

Hey, you and me baby / We’re flying on a wing and a prayer / Can’t tell you where we’re going / I just know that we’re gonna get there / Got all that we need in a cart in a checkout line / Hey, I’ll bag while you scan / I bet we beat traffic in time,” Evans sings to start the song.

A bottle of Mrs. Dash or Lawry’s would be a good addition to those grocery bags, but the story isn’t so bland that you push it away. After taking a chance with the Rod Stewart cover ‘My Heart Can’t Tell You No,’ Evans returns with her safest single in years. It’s the right move. Expect to hear this song a lot as the leaves begin to turn and fall this autumn.

Listen to Sara Evans, ‘Anywhere’