Sarah Ross is "Dirty Minded" in her new song and video, but she doesn't want to give fans the wrong impression.

The rap-country song celebrates the simple country lifestyle that Ross prefers, which includes getting a little mud on the tires.

"Ooh, I wouldn’t mind / Muddy roads and shooting signs / You can try to change us but no / That’s just what lives inside / Ooh, I / That’s just what lives inside / Ooh, I / Yes, I got a dirty mind," she sings in the chorus.

"Don’t let the title fool you," Ross tells us. "When I wrote this song, I was thinking about feeling lost in a world of chaos, and my mind escaping to a place of comfort. Removing myself from the shine of the city back to my roots, living the simple life, letting go, getting into the groove."

The lyrics also include some racier references to partying and doing shots, another aspect of the simple rural life. Ross' video for "Dirty Minded" further explores that juxtaposition, interspersing scenes of Ross looking innocent, walking her dog and dressed up for a little girl's tea party, against other shots of her clad in a long black jacket and knee-high black boots, set against a dark, foreboding backdrop.

"I love blended genres just as much as I love traditional music. One minute I'm listening to T.I., the next Tracy Lawrence. I can't choose one, and I don't think I have to," Ross says, adding, "You can't put 'Dirty Minded' in a box, and that's the beauty of it."

Ross faced an interesting set of challenges in shooting a video amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and she credits director, videographer and editor Quinn Hill for pulling it all together. They shot the video in a garage in Franklin, Tenn., a rural community just outside of Nashville.

"We created two separate 'rooms' that represented the different sides of me," Ross explains.

A native of New Jersey, Ross first came to national attention while competing on Season 12 of American Idol in 2013. She subsequently signed with Average Joes Entertainment and moved to Nashville, and she's spent the last few years building a career with her unique blend of country-rap.

"Dirty Minded" appears on Average Joes' Mud Digger 11 compilation, which is set for release on Friday (July 17). The latest installment in the popular compilation series also includes tracks from Colt Ford, Sam Grow, Josh Mirenda and more. The compilation also introduces country rapper Shelbykay.

Mud Digger 11 will be available on Friday at Walmart and via all digital music retailers.

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