Big-hearted Scotty McCreery took time recently to grant a wish for a teenage fan in North Carolina who is afflicted with an incurable disease.

Nineteen-year-old Dustin Chapman suffers from a progressive disease called Achalasia that affects the esophagus, for which there is no known cure. According to local news station WMBF, his mother posted to Facebook saying his one wish was to sing with the former American Idol champion, who also hails from North Carolina. She encouraged people to share his story online to spread awareness of the disease, which threatens Chapman's desire to become a performer himself.

The "Five More Minutes" singer got wind of the request, and on Tuesday (June 13), he granted Chapman's wish. McCreery and his longtime girlfriend, Gabi Dugal, stopped by for a visit, and McCreery and Chapman got to jam.

Chapman sang one of his original songs for McCreery, and the pair then sang McCreery's hit "See You Tonight" together, with McCreery singing lead and accompanying them on acoustic guitar while Chaman supplied spot-on high harmonies. Chapman turned to Facebook afterward to share footage of the informal jam session, thanking the country star for making one of his biggest dreams come true.

"I have dreamed about it for years! Scotty was such a humbled, down-to-earth guy and was so kind to me and my mother. It felt amazing singing was Scotty!" Chapman tells Taste of Country. "That was the first take, everything was unrehearsed. It was just like two friends getting together for a jam session!"

"The feelings were indescribable, but it was one of the best experiences of my life!”

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