It may sound crazy, but a new type of phone case designed by car manufacturer Nissan can actually repair itself. Finally, we can drop our phone without completely freaking out.

The Scratch Shield iPhone case is made with a special type of — yes — self-healing paint that auto-magically fills in dings and scrapes on its own. The case’s tactile, gel-like surface is constructed of a chemical compound called polyrotaxane, which enables it to return to its original shape. (Kind of like a Slinky!)

A small scratch takes about an hour to “heal,” but the International Business Times says “the chemical reaction will continue to work its magic on more major damage for up to a week.”

The case is expected to go into production later this year after a trial run. But what we really wanna know is this: when will Apple start making entire iPhones out of this stuff?

[via The Week]

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