There's no need to rush through this list of 40 sexy country songs. Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and Faith Hill are a few artists representing the modern era of country romance, but fans of classic country will also find wax-melting hits from Kenny Rogers, Alabama and Barbara Mandrell.

Only one artist is represented twice, and that's just because she added her voice to a sexy collaboration with her husband before dropping her own bedroom ballad. Songs that encourage a slow dance and maybe a little bit more got a nod over those that come close to spelling S-E-X. The exception to that rule is song No. 1, which proves it's about what you say and how you say it.

Seven decades of country music hits are represented on this list of sexy songs. One or two describe a relationship that's gone by, and another half dozen find the singer pining for something they can't (or really shouldn't) have. Everlasting love was not a qualifier, as you'll find out when you listen to songs No. 4, 7, 11 and 19.

Sexy Country Songs - 40 of the Hottest Country Hits, Ranked

This list of 40 sexy country songs prove that great country singers have been singing about intimacy for a long, long time. The Taste of Country staff ranked 40 songs from seven decades of country music to find the most passionate performances ever put to the radio speakers. Did your favorite late-night romance song make this list of country's hottest songs?

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