Shania Twain testified in court yesterday against her alleged stalker, former doctor Giovanni (who goes by John) Palumbo, but the testimony didn’t come without some drama. While Twain told her story via a video recording, Palumbo couldn’t help but stand up and interrupt the singer as she spoke about her problems with the man.

Twain did admit to understanding the mentality behind Palumbo’s behavior, but assured the court that she is still alarmed by his adamant attempts to contact and see her. Keep in mind that Palumbo has been in and out of psychiatric treatment for some time now.

“I’m torn emotionally because I have compassion for anybody who’s reaching out in need — fans often do that … I feel very sad … and awkward having to go through these very personal matters with Mr. Palumbo because it’s such an invasion of his privacy,” the singer said (via E! Online). “I still have the fear and anxiety of being contacted in the future by Mr. Palumbo. And I do want it to stop. And as far as I know, this is the only way to go about that.”

After Twain made these comments, things took a turn for the strange. As Twain recollected the large amounts of letters she has received from Palumbo, the supposed stalker stood up in the middle of her testimony and began to speak. “But I didn’t know you received any of them — you understand?” he said in the courtroom. “It is very emotional for everybody,” Palumbo continued. “Please understand I have emotions, very strong emotions.”

Palumbo also said that the letters were meant to be “lighthearted,” but Twain quickly countered his statement, saying the notes were actually very “scary and haunting.”

This isn’t the first time Palumbo has interrupted Twain as she testified in the case. A couple of days ago, the man told Twain, “Eilleen, you can trust me. I’m going to plead guilty.” Eilleen is Shania Twain’s birth name, making this case a whole lot creepier since the defendant is addressing her like she’s an old friend or family member.

Palumbo is being charged with criminal harassment and three counts of breaking his restraining order by coming within 500 meters of the singer. Earlier this year, Palumbo was arrested at the Juno Awards in Canada after he got too close to Twain, and the alleged stalker also attended the funeral for Twain’s grandmother and stopped by her family’s cabin in Ontario on several occasions.