Smithfield's new single "Our World"highlights the duo's vocal chemistry, but marks the first time Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder cut a song they did not write.

"Our World" features an alluring mix of country and pop elements, with an anthemic chorus that takes the listener back to their teenage years. Jaden Michaels, Jordan Minton and Ben Johnson co-wrote "Our World," which David Fanning produced. The song has already been going over well in the duo's live shows alongside more familiar songs including their recent single, "Hey Whiskey."

“We're so excited to release ‘Our World!’ The first time we heard it, we immediately had that feeling of growing up and feeling invincible, like we were the only two people in the world," Smithfield tell us. "That's something we can all connect with. This is the first time we've released something we didn't write, but as artists, we always agreed to release the best music. Period. Huge thanks to the writers for letting us cut a great song."

Did You Know?: "Our World" was first shared with fans in August 2018. It was released to country radio as a single in January 2019.

The Best Country Duet Ever? It's Obvious, Right? 

Smithfield, "Our World" Lyrics:

Our world was a small town Friday night / Dancing with the stars and the fireflies / Red plastic cups and twist-off wine / Our world was a swing on your daddy's porch / Late night phone calls, and I miss you more / We knew it all back when we didn't have a clue.

Those were the nights that had no tomorrow / Yeah they went on and on and on / Just like a tires on a '95 Bronco / Nobody to slow us down / Baby we were falling too fast / They were calling us crazy / Lord knows, those were the good days / And I was the guy, yeah I was the girl / And everyone else was just living in our world.

That little map dot by the Mississippi / That parking lot of that Winn Dixie / That dashboard dark, those midnight sparks / You're saying baby just kiss me / That county fair and that county line / Those gravel roads and those southern skies / They were all spinning around us / And we were spinning around 'cause.”

Those were our nights and our shooting stars / Our streets and our beating hearts / Yeah, this is our time / Yeah, this is our time.

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