Smo is releasing a new album on which he recreates some of his own classic songs, and he's giving Taste of Country readers an exclusive first look at the video for one of the new tracks. Smo's new take on "Small Town" premieres via Taste of Country on Friday morning (Sept. 10).

Smo's upcoming twelfth album, The Classics, distills 20 years of his best material into one collection, featuring his new re-recordings of Smo favorites including "Kickin’ It In Tennessee," "Honky Tonkin," "My Life in a Jar" and "Old Dirt Road." "Kuntry Boy Swag," which Smo recorded with longtime friend Mr. Sneed, is also available for streaming for the first time.

"Small Town" first appeared on American Made in 2010. Smo's new take on the song is very different, both musically and in the video treatment.

"When considering the tracks to recreate for my new album The Classics, I knew that 'Small Town' had to be on it," Smo tells Taste of Country. "Sonically, the instrumentation for the new 'Small Town' is incredible, I mean, there's even an organ!"

The country-based artist, reality TV star and entrepreneur returned to his hometown of Shelbyville, Tenn., to shoot the video, accompanied by a number of local residents, various military service members and veterans, his mother, his wife Sara Beth and his now-grown daughters, Ameria and Lanica.

"Visually, I had two goals: Pay homage to the great people in my hometown and to honor the patriotism handed down to me by my dad, a career Navy veteran, especially being the twentieth anniversary of 9/11," he observes.

"Lyrically, 'Small Town' is one of my 'realest' tracks, so it was crucial to include my closest Kinfoke from my best friend Steve and his family to my cousin Eddie, and even Momma Smo, my wife, and the girls make an appearance," he adds. "The bridge is so fun —there's a stomp and clap with a group vocal that you just can't help but sing along. I hope that 'Small Town' becomes an anthem for every small town across America!"

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