Today is National Unfriend Day!
Happy National Unfriend Day! That's right today (11-17-20) is National Unfriend Day. A special day set aside each year where we browse our friends list on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media platforms and thin the herd. So how and when did this, dare we say it, holiday start? It≈…
Long Stick Goes Boom
An unmanned SpaceX rocket, minutes from lift-off at Cape Canaveral in Florida, exploded on the launch pad, destroying a multi million dollar internet satellite on Thursday.
Seriously? Are we a bit touchy?
Think emojis are obnoxious little icons? Some may call them "emoticons". Well then check out the movement spawned by Facebook's "feeling fat" emoji - a smiling face with a double chin on the site's list of available status-update options.
Facebook Adds ‘Legacy Contact’ Feature
With Facebook being the place to connect with friends and family it's also becoming a place to reflect and remember the ones that have left life to go to the next. Now you can make remembering those that have passed easier by establishing a 'Legacy Contact.'

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