Angry Sheep Attacks Rude Little Girl [VIDEO]
Don’t taunt a sheep unless you want to end up getting rammed (pun intended) like the girl in this video. This sheep goes nuts after a nasty little urchin tosses a coconut at its head. Luckily for the rude girl the sheep’s ramming instincts have preceded the …
Poor, Poor Ci the Sheepdog Is Scared of Sheep [VIDEO]
Counting sheep is a relaxing way to fall asleep, unless you’re Ci the border collie, in which case it would most likely lead to frightening night terrors. Ci may technically be a sheepdog, but he’s also afraid of sheep, a fear that dates all the way back to puppyhood. According to his 54-year-old ow…
Pennsylvania School To Use Sheep As Lawn Mowers
Whether a large business, individual or government institution, cutting back on costs is at the top of almost everyone’s priority list these days. That’s true for schools, as well, and one Pennsylvania school district has reduced cost in a zany fashion: via sheep.