Taco Bell

Royals Outfielder Steals Breakfast For Everyone!
If someone steals a base in the World Series, we're giving away free A.M. Crunchwraps to everyone in America. https://t.co/CJamSAoWyH — Taco Bell (@tacobell) October 27, 2015 Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain took the Taco Bell challenge, stealing a base in game one of the World Series, and because of that, America can 'steal' breakfast at Taco Bell on November 5th.
Shotgun Steve Kelly Reviews The Nacho Cheese Doritos Taco!
Last week I was told that I would be doing a live broadcast from Taco Bell to help promote the new Doritos Locos Tacos, so needless to say that when today arrived I couldn't wait to get out to Taco Bell and try this epic combination of Doritos Nacho Cheese and Taco Bell goodness blended together.