Welcome to Jeri & Critter's Sensational Summer of Classic Chevrolet.  There is nothing so good as taking to the wide open roads during these Summer months, and what better way to do that than in one of Classic Chevrolet's Sexy Summer cars?

A couple times each month, KLAW's Morning Crew, Jeri & Critter will take one of these Sexy Summer cars on a test drive and ask the hard questions for you.  Like all about the mirror on the passenger side! But seriously, we want all the facts about these cars, so you can take the virtual test drive with us!

First up is the all new 2021 Trailblazer.  That's right a brand new design on a Chevrolet staple, the Trailblazer. It's new sleek design brings the Blazer in to the 2100 century for sure. Take a look at our test drive, and let us know what questions you'd ask!

Well, are your ready at take a drive for yourself?  You can at Classic Chevrolet.�� They have amazing deals on this brand new design of the 2021 Trailblazer.  And keep watching for new test drive every few weeks at KLAW.com.  Take a moment to take our poll and let us know what you think is the sexiest Summer Chevrolet. Maybe we'll get to drive on before the Summer is over!

Update:  Our next test drive will be a Sexy Summer Silverado!  I can't wait!  Maybe Critter will let me drive this time! Either way, we'll take Ray from Classic Chevrolet along with us, so you will get all of the details!

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