OK, you know Gene Simmons of the band Kiss is going to find a way to make a dollar off of this. The venerable rocker, who has put his name on everything from an Arena League Football team, to a chain of restaurants, to pin ball games and just about every thing else he could make a buck off of, has got to be all ready in the planning stages on a way to market 'Genie', a hard rocking calf born July 28th in Kerrville, TX.

The calf's owner, Heather Taccetta took a photo of the new-born bovine as soon as it was born and sent it to the local tourism board, and the photo found its way to the Kiss Army, who welcomed Genie into the world with an announcement at the band's official Facebook page. The photo of the calf and Simmons on the band's page has garnered over 12 thousand likes and 4 thousand forwards, so even the group's fans seem to approve.

Many jokes about the cows lineage have circled the internet, and seeing a picture of Genie and Simmons in full make-up side-by-side does make one wonder. And while the ranch Genie was born at has an affiliation with a steak house, Taccetta says there is no way that the cow will be sold for slaughter, and may actually become a mascot for the restaurant instead.

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