An elementary school in Forth Worth, Texas, is finally correcting its name after having misspelled it for nearly nine years. Oops! That can’t bode well for literacy rates.

Sunrise Elementary School added “McMillan” to its name in the 2003-2004 school year as a way to honor its first teacher, Mary McMillan. Problem is, the school misspelled the surname by adding an extra “i.”

Since then, the misspelled name has appeared in lettering on the side of the school building, printed signs, business cards, visitor passes, t-shirts and even Facebook.

The error was brought to light by a relative of McMillan’s and administrators has been trying to correct it ever since. The school says it plans to turn the mistake into a lesson by underscoring the importance of taking responsibility and fixing mistakes. Maybe they should also teach the importance of spellcheck.

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