The Cadillac Three's "Heat" is the big love song on their new Country Fuzz album, and lyrically the track came together very quickly. How quickly?

Ask pedal steel guitar player Kelby Ray.

The song is a burning bit of yearning packaged with fuzzy guitar licks and drummer Neil Mason's pulsing rhythms. The group (including Jaren Johnston) wrote "Heat" with Jimmy Robbins, and in a story of the song video, they shared that it was Robbins who brought the track. Johnston tinkered with it until his voice fit and then they hooked the rest of the band with the demo.

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“It felt like a moment for Jaren to really show off how good of a singer he is,” Mason says.

"Girl, keep bringing the / Keep bringing the heat / Heat, I ain't ever felt / Fire they ain't got in hell / Kiss keeps burning me up / Keep bringing the heat," the Cadillac Three sing at the chorus. "Girl, bring on the pain / That smoke, that whiskey rain / Too hot for me not to touch / Keep bringing the heat." 

"Heat" is the latest song from Country Fuzz to be released ahead of the album's release on Feb. 7. The record is their fourth on Big Machine Records and first since Legacy in 2017. Ray downplays how helpful he was writing the song, admitting in the same story of the song video he left to use the bathroom and when he came back, it was done.

“Since I was in there in the beginning and the end of it, they kept me in there,” the curly haired member of the band says.

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