The Marshall Tucker Band will relive one of their most memorable performances as a live album. 'Live From Englishtown,' a recording of their 1977 Englishtown, N.J., concert that drew more than 150,000 fans, will be released in October on the band's own Ramblin' Records.

"The 1977 Englishtown concert was one of the largest shows in the history of the Marshall Tucker Band," founding member and lead singer Doug Gray explains. "This album was made from a copy of the original 37-year-old recording, and although the audio quality is not perfect, we wanted to make it commercially available to our fans ... These recordings will give fans and those who attended a chance to relive that special day by hearing the original MTB lineup in its prime."

The 10-track album includes several of the band's biggest hits, including 'Can't You See,' 'Fire on the Mountain' and 'Heard It In a Love Song.' While the record was made with the fans in mind, the band admits they enjoyed reliving one of the most iconic nights of their career as well.

"Looking back, this concert was just unbelievable," Gray adds.  "It was one of the most moving experiences in the history of the Marshall Tucker Band."

See a track listing for 'Live From Englishtown' below. The album will be available for purchase on Oct. 14 here.

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