One of the coolest things we do around here is cookouts and luncheons. We never miss an opportunity to cookout or make meals. The entire office gets in on it and everybody brings something to prepare or serve. Of course with this weekend being the July 4th weekend we had to brake out the grill and do up some hamburgers, hotdogs, bratwurst and even some chicken fajitas. We used our brand new 36" Blackstone Griddle Grill. We gave one of these away with our Father's Day giveaway awhile back. I've never used one before today and I have to say I really like it. Everything we threw on it turned out great!

TSM Lawton: Jeri

It was the perfect way to brake up the madness and monotony of a Wednesday as we work our way towards a July Fourth weekend. I was surprised at how well the griddle grill handled the Bratwurst. I knew the burgers and dogs would be just fine, But with it being a flat griddle I wasn't too sure about the Brats.

At first I thought it was over cooking the sides and they would burn before being completely done. Needless to say they turned out amazing. A lot of flipping but well worth the effort. And the chicken fajitas were incredible. While I normally grill on a regular propane or charcoal grill with open flame, I think I'm going to have to invest in a Blackstone Griddle Grill.

So long as you season it properly and take your time breaking it in I can see the Blackstone being one of the top grills around. I'm sold, now to start saving up. In the meantime I'm thinking I'll make use of the office grill and already have plans to take it to the house over the weekend to do some more grilling. So how about you? Will you be grilling over the holiday weekend? Take the quick poll below and let us know what you're grilling:

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