Truth be told, this was the test drive that I was dreading.  Not that I had ever been in a Chevy Spark before, but the thought that I wasn't going to be able to get in and out of in easily was nagging at me.  Thank goodness, I had nothing at all to worry about!  This car has so much room and believe it or not, it sits up pretty high, so no bending or stooping to get in or out.

The extra leg room was great; even Ray, could easily fit in the back seat.  We loved the standard features in this cute economical car.  In fact, Critter even thinks it might be in his future for his youngest!

Take a look at our latest test drive for Jeri & Critter's Sensational Summer of Classic Chevrolet:

Final thoughts on this super cute (sexy) summer from Chevrolet:

Jeri: As I mentioned, I was concerned that because of my knees I wouldn't be able to fit into the car without 'falling' into it.  Not a worry.  It's plenty high off of the ground, and with all of the standard features it is really the perfect Nana car for getting groceries, running kids home from school, or even a date night with my honey!

Critter: At first glance you wouldn't think the Spark has a lot of interior space but looks are deceiving. There's plenty of room and even better it's very comfortable for both driver and passengers. I was surprised at how much car you get for the money. There's tons of great extras and safety features including back up cameras a large touchscreen display, Apple Carplay and Andriod Auto and you can even get wifi! Don't tell my daughter but we're sold on the Spark and are looking to get her one for her first vehicle.

We are delighted to be able to offer up close and personal insight to the wonderfully sexy cars that are offered from our friends at Classic Lawton Chevrolet.  Take a look, or even a test drive of your own!

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