On Monday night (Nov. 5), The Voice proceeded with its Knockout Rounds, in which the coaches pair up the remaining 32 team members for vocal battles. Each singer chooses his or her own song, with the winner (chosen by the coach) advancing to the next round.

Team Blake Shelton had a standout battle when Chris Kroeze faced off against Michael Lee for a fight to see which raspy-voiced male vocalist would advance. Wisconsin-bred country fan Kroeze chose to deliver an affecting, vulnerable version of Cam's 2015 "Burning House," which managed to impress both Shelton and key adviser Mariah Carey (no small feat).

However, when Lee took the stage with his “Whipping Post” by the Allman Brothers Band, he also managed to knock everyone off their feet. By the end of the battle, the coaches were torn, with Kelly Clarkson choosing Lee, Adam Levine choosing Kroeze, and both Jennifer Hudson and Shelton not sure. (Can you blame them?)

How did Shelton solve the dilemma? He flipped a coin—which resulted in Lee advancing to the next round. Luckily enough, Shelton had one save left, which he handily used to keep Kroeze on his team. What a finish!

We'll be following all the Voice shenanigans from start to finish this season, with a focus on country music's offerings, so check here each week to see how your favorites are faring. We'll keep you up to date!

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