Season 21 of The Voice returned on Monday night (Sept. 27) with a fresh episode of talented aspiring singers that included country music trio the Joy Reunion.

Consisting of Neil Morrison, Gentry Monreal and Robert Easley, the three-piece band hails from Redlands, Calif., and brands their sound as "California country" due to their pop influence. After introducing themselves, they shared the meaning behind their band name, tearfully telling viewers that it comes from the idea they became "reunited with the joy of making music" after having met one another and trying their hand as respective solo artists.

Once onstage for their Blind Audition, as part of the series' third episode this season, the Joy Reunion showed off a three-part harmony on Little Big Town's 2005 hit "Boondocks," which really fired up coach Blake Shelton. Shelton was the first to slam on his red button during their rendition.

"It means a lot to me when I hit my button for a country artist — for all kinds of artists on this show — but when it comes to country artists, you are going to take this thing long after me and keep it going and keep it on the radio," Shelton told them. "Country music isn’t just a hobby for me. Country music is my life! I live it, breathe it."

"I always have at least one country artist that I try to get as far in the competition that I possibly can, and I think 20 out of 20 times, I've pretty much been able to get somebody in the finale," he later added.

Coach John Legend followed Shelton's lead with a secondary chair turn, but didn't seem to have much of a leg to stand on due to Shelton’s knowledge of the genre. Leaning on his sense of humor instead, Legend joked, "Like Blake, country music is my life. I'm honored to turn for you! You are so fun to listen to. I was thrilled by your voices and the joy you brought to the stage. I'm so happy you all found each other and have the opportunity to be seen by millions of people around the country."

Although Legend tried his best to win over the group, the Joy Reunion ultimately chose to compete for Team Blake in Season 21.

The Joy Reunion certainly aren't new to the stage — they revealed that they've opened up for many high-profile artists in the past. However, they say they have "ever achieved the main dream," which they're chasing now as a band. Only time will tell if this season of The Voice is the launching pad they need to get to the next level on their journey to country music stardom.

New episodes of The Voice air Mondays and Tuesdays at 8PM ET on NBC.

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