The Voice ushered in its two-part finale Monday night (May 18) with the final five singers (Micah Iverson, Toneisha Harris, Todd Tilghman, CamWess and Thunderstorm Artis) performing two songs: A cover tune, plus an original song produced by fellow reality talent show Songland's Ester Dean, Shane McAnally and Ryan Tedder.

Coach Blake Shelton had the distinction of having two finalists in the running (Harris and Tilghman), whereas the other judges only had one. While Harris has put forth a muscle-bound variety of pop and classic rock throughout the season, culminating this evening with a masterfully retro "Faithfully" by Journey, Tilghman may just have had the edge over audience reaction with his equally strong command of a variety of genres.

Tilghman, a Mississippi pastor and father of eight, was tasked with singing "I Can Only Imagine" by Christian stalwarts MercyMe. As for the song choice, Shelton noted,  "You are a man that teaches the word of God to people so I know you connect with these lyrics. So really lose yourself in what this song is saying."

Tilghman gave a measured but emotional performance of the song, which earned approval from all the coaches. John Legend led off by saying, "Pastor, we love seeing your journey throughout this whole show and this whole season I remember turning for you and just being thrilled by your enthusiasm and your heart and your soul and you gave it back tonight in spades."

Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson enthused, "I would love to come to your church just to hear you speak, not only sing. You are very special," to which Tilghman replied, "You're invited!"

Shelton himself said, "The connection you just have with people...your talent speaks for itself. That's as good of a vocal as I've heard from you, and really anybody this season.

"Because you sing with so much passion, so much precision you are just a special dude, man," he continued. "America agrees; that's why you are in this finale."

Tune in tomorrow (May 19) for the final results to see who will take home the season title!

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