This week, the Young Fables are taking a break from their Covering Your Tracks series to reveal the music video for their new single "Completely," exclusively for readers of The Boot. Click play above to watch the Nashville-themed clip.

While real-life Nashville tourists play to the camera behind them, the Young Fables' Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford wander Lower Broadway patiently waiting for love. Looking directly into the camera with unflinching honesty, Wright sings the achingly beautiful lyrics of "Completely" with equal parts longing and patience.

"I’m waiting / I know you’re chasing / Something that you don’t know," Wright sings in the chorus of "Completely," buffeted by Lunsford's striking harmonies. "I can be impatient / But, baby, you’re just one thing I won’t let go / No rush / This is right where I’ll be / Until you love me completely."

Directed by Patryk Larney, the music video for "Completely" features quite a few famous Nashville spots, including Lower Broadway, the Goorin Bros. hat shop, the speakeasy bar Amari and more. Naturally, Wright and Lunsford eventually find one another, meeting on the steps of Nashville's famed honky-tonk Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, which also happens to be the site of an early collaboration between the Young Fables.

A new installment of the Young Fables' Covering Your Tracks will be back on March 8.

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