Back in January, the news of a 14-pound baby‘s birth gave nightmares to every expectant mother in the country — and now it’s happened again.

Jayden Sigler weighed in just shy of the 14-pound mark when he was born March 8 in Oceanside, Calif., something his mother Cynthia says explains why she was so darned uncomfortable in her last few weeks of pregnancy. She knew she was carrying a big baby, but even doctors had no idea he’d be that big.

After she had a C-section and her son hit the scales, Cynthia’s first words were reportedly, “How’d he fit?”

Dr. Jerald White, who’s delivered 20,000 babies since 1961, said Jayden is the largest infant he’s ever ushered into the world — but the tot isn’t even close to the Guinness Book record-holder. The largest surviving birth honor goes to a kid born in 1955 who weighed in at a back-breaking 22 pounds, 8 ounces.

Regardless, Jayden’s size has rendered most of the infant garments in his wardrobe worthless, with his mom saying, “My sister [already] took back the newborn and zero to two months clothes.”

May we suggest she stock up on linebacker jerseys instead?

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