Thomas Rhett has been busy during the COVID-19 pandemic, writing and recording new music, and soon, fans will get to hear plenty of what he's been up to. The country star has announced plans for a double album, Country Again, coming this year.

Country Again, Side A, the first half of the record, is due out on April 30, Rhett shared late Thursday night. The 11-song project features his current single, "What's Your Country Song?," as well as two new songs that Rhett shared along with the album announcement: "Want It Again" and "Growing Up."

"This is one of my favorite records I've ever gotten to make," Rhett said in a video announcement via Instagram Stories. "I feel so centered as a person. A lot of these songs were written about the lessons I've learned over this decade, and for sure in 2020 ... I'm just so excited."

Indeed, the country star has been spending his COVID-induced downtime working on new music, and has frequently shared unreleased songs via social media during this time. All three of the songs from Country Again, Side A that are currently available are tracks that the singer first revealed through Instagram videos, during which her performed the then-unreleased tunes just him and his guitar.

A press release notes how two other songs come from his personal life. "To the Guys That Date My Daughters" is an ode to his three little girls while "Heaven Right Now" deals with the death of a close friend. The full track list is below.

"Thank you for inspiring me every day just to write better songs, to be a better singer, to be a better artist," Rhett adds in his Instagram Stories. "I just can't wait for you to get your hands on this album because I do think it's some of my best work I've ever done."

Country Again, Side B will be out later in 2021, Rhett says, though he did not reveal a specific release date. Side A is now available to pre-order on Rhett's official website; full album details are below.

Rhett is currently scheduled to pick his Center Point Road Tour back up again in early June. He also has three May shows planned at Billy Bob's Texas.

Thomas Rhett Country Again Side A

Thomas Rhett's Country Again, Side A Track list: 

1. "Want It Again" (Thomas Rhett, Matt Dragstrem, Josh Miller, Josh Thompson)
2. "Growing Up" (Rhett, Dragstrem, Miller, Thompson)
3. "What's Your Country Song?" (Rhett, Rhett Akins, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Parker Welling)
4. "Where We Grew Up" (Rhett, Luke Laird, Miller)
5. "Heaven Right Now" (Rhett, Akins, Dragstrem, Thompson, Laura Veltz)
6. "To the Guys That Date My Girls" (Rhett, Akins, Will Bundy, Thompson)
7. "More Time Fishin'" (Rhett, Akins, Bundy, Thompson)
8. "Country Again" (Rhett, Zach Crowell, Gorley)
9. "Put It on Ice" (feat. Hardy) (Rhett, Akins, Dragstrem, Thompson)
10."Blame It on a Backroad" (Rhett, Crowell, Gorley)
11. "Ya Heard" (Rhett, Akins, Dragstrem, Chase McGill)

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