Thomas Rhett has one of country music's sweetest love stories in the form of his wife, Lauren, whom he famously lauded as "waiting on since the second grade" in his hit "Life Changes." The two have been married for eight years now, and he made sure to post a grand tribute to her on her 31st birthday Sunday (Nov. 8).

Choosing a shot of Lauren holding up a Harry Potter-themed cake, Rhett wrote, "Happiest of birthdays to my lovely continue to amaze me as a mother, as a giver, and as a friend. I love how much you love your friends and how much your friends love you. you get more and more beautiful every single day. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest dudes in the world and i thank God he let me spend my life with you. I hope you felt loved, cherished and celebrated this weekend! Only 9 more years till your 40!! I love you!"

The couple are parents to three daughters, 5-year-old Willa Gray, 3-year-old Ada James and 8-month-old Lennon Love. Just a month ago, the singer praised his wife on their eighth wedding anniversary, posting a series of family shots and noting, "I seriously feel like we got married six months ago," he says, speaking to Lauren directly. "I have loved every second of our journey together. No matter how tough it has been at times you are a fighter and I thank you and the Lord every day that you wake up and choose love."

The couple famously have the extraordinary bonding experience of adopting their eldest child from Uganda in 2017. As they added two biological daughters to the family, they have consistently expressed their careful consideration of how to instill a sense of pride in Willa for her Ugandan heritage, and about how to raise a Black daughter alongside her white siblings.

Rhett's family life has been an open book in his songwriting, as well. In addition to "Life Changes," "Die a Happy Man" is another song that details the remarkable path he and his wife have been led down.

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