Thomas Rhett's oldest daughter, Willa Gray, turned 4 on Nov. 1, and she's truly a big girl now. Willa's mom, Lauren, shared a post on Instagram that detailed the brave way she ushered in her birthday—namely, by taking the plunge and getting her ears pierced!

Scroll through Lauren's photos above to the last shot, where Willa is proudly showing off her new earrings. Lauren explains that Willa's been waiting a long time for this moment, but that she was indeed a bit frightened when the time came—mostly due to an infamous scene in a movie.

"The sweet lady did each ear one at a time," explains Lauren, "And she didn’t even cry til after she was finished. She cried because she was so scared it was gonna be as bad as it is in the Parent Trap." In other words, it was all over before Willa even had time to think about it.

Willa apparently loves her new butterfly earrings—which match Mom's—and is, in fact, "obsessed" with them, according to Lauren. What a rite of passage!

Next year, Willa will have an extra special birthday as she will be the oldest of three little girls. In addition to current lil' sis Ada James, Willa's waiting on the newest arrival as Lauren is pregnant with the couple's third daughter who will arrive early in 2020. The family currently is making plans to move to a new house to accommodate their newest addition.

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