Tim McGraw's new song "God Moves the Pen" celebrates the power of words -- specifically, the ones that declare our love for each other. The midtempo track announces the country star's Here on Earth Ultimate Edition, due out on April 16.

A steady drumbeat and twangy guitar back McGraw throughout the simple "God Moves the Pen." Its lyrics remind listeners of the importance of showing someone what they mean, and honoring them even after they're gone.

"Written in the sky, written in the sand / On the back of a car draggin' old tin cans / True love declared with brush and paint / Way up there on a small-town water tank," McGraw sings each chorus. "Carved in an oak or tattooed on the skin / Love moves the heart, God moves the pen."

In addition to "God Moves the Pen" and the album's 16 original tracks, McGraw's Here on Earth Ultimate Edition includes seven other additional songs: the previously released "Undivided" (a collaboration with Tyler Hubbard), "Thought About You" and "Neon Church," plus "Truth Is" and "Cuttin' Onions" -- both originally Target-exclusive bonus tracks -- and "Keep Your Eyes on Me" (a duet with Faith Hill) and "Gravity," each from movie soundtracks.

The Ultimate Video Edition version of Here on Earth includes all of the same 24 tracks, as well as videos for six of the songs: “Here on Earth,” “I Called Mama,” “Gravy,” “Undivided,” “Thought About You,” and “Neon Church."

McGraw originally released Here on Earth in August of 2020. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard country albums cart, giving the country star his 17th career chart-topping album -- the second-most in the genre, behind only George Strait.

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