Choosing just a handful of songs for our Top 10 Tim McGraw Songs list is both easy and incredibly difficult. Since 1994, the singer has sold more than 40 million records and dominated the charts with over 30 No. 1 singles. Now, 20 years later, he’s had beyond eight million spins at radio, making him the most-played artist of the past decade in any genre of music.

In addition, McGraw has won three Grammy Awards, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, 11 Country Music Association Awards, 10 American Music Awards, three People's Choice Awards ... the list goes on. On top of his hit country music resume, McGraw is also an accomplished actor, starring in 'Country Strong' (2010), 'The Blind Side' (2009), 'Four Christmases' (2008), 'The Kingdom' (2007), 'Flicka' (2006) and 'Friday Night Lights' (2004). Taste of Country honors the legend with a list of his ten most memorable songs, from the hit duet with Faith Hill on ‘It’s Your Love’ to his first smash, ‘Indian Outlaw' -- these are the Top 10 Tim McGraw songs.

  • 10

    'Highway Don't Care'

    From 'Two Lanes of Freedom' (2013)

    McGraw's super collaboration with Keith Urban and Taylor Swift is one of the greatest of events of the decade. Each artist brings their own unique style and sound to this dramatic ballad from 'Two Lanes of Freedom.' It's a song that cuts through the heart even before viewing the powerful music video. The No. 1 hit was the third single from the album, but the most important one. It gave a jolt of energy to McGraw's second act.

  • 9

    'My Next Thirty Years'

    From ‘A Place in the Sun’ (1999)

    In April of 2000, Tim McGraw shot to the top with ‘My Next Thirty Years,’ a song penned by Phil Vassar. Vassar put into words what most everyone wonders and thinks when they approach a milestone birthday. The fun song, filled with resolutions for a better life, stayed put at No. 1 for five weeks. The Vassar/McGraw collaboration is a favorite on our list of the Top 10 Tim McGraw songs.

  • 8

    'Meanwhile Back at Mama's (Feat. Faith Hill)

    From ‘Sundown Heaven Town’ (2014)

    McGraw's second album on Big Machine includes songs that draw inspiration from all parts of his two-decade-long career. 'Meanwhile Back at Mama's' is soaked in understated emotion, much like 'Just to See You Smile' and 'Everywhere,' two other songs on this list. Time will tell where this duet with wife Faith Hill ends up among their all-time greatest works. It's hard to argue she's not perfect for the part.

  • 7

    'My Best Friend'

    From ‘A Place in the Sun’ (1999)

    In 1999, ‘My Best Friend’ soared to No. 1 for the Delhi, Louisiana native. During the late ‘90s, Tim McGraw dominated country radio playlists and won his first trophy for CMA Male Vocalist of the Year. The song still remains a popular choice for the first dance at many wedding receptions and deserves a solid showing at No. 6 on our list of the Top 10 Tim McGraw songs.

  • 6

    'Just to See You Smile'

    From ‘Everywhere’ (1997)

    ‘Just to See You Smile’ addresses the bittersweet subject of relationship loss. Powered by a banjo-driven melody similar to that of Glen Campbell’s ‘Gentle on My Mind,’ the song reached out to men who’ve had to put a fake smile on their face when seeing a lost love with their new flame.

  • 5

    'Please Remember Me'

    From ‘A Place in the Sun’ (1999)

    Rodney Crowell has penned many country classics through the years, but one of the most compelling came with Tim McGraw’s rendition of ‘Please Remember Me.’ Backed by the powerful vocals of Patty Loveless, the song had an emotional impact on people mourning the loss of a loved one or the loss of a relationship.

  • 4

    'Something Like That'

    From ‘A Place in the Sun’ (1999)

    Released in 1999, McGraw's ‘Something Like That’ has the distinction of being the most played song on country radio throughout the entire decade of 2000-2010. The rockin’ song filled with memories of a first love struck a chord especially with teenagers, who were experiencing the feelings firsthand.

  • 3

    'It’s Your Love' (with Faith Hill)

    From ‘Everywhere’ (1997)

    When Tim McGraw and Faith Hill married in 1996, country music fans were finally happy to have another ‘first couple’ in the genre. There hadn’t been such a powerhouse duo since George Jones and Tammy Wynette! Fortunately, McGraw and Hill have seen a much better public relationship, coupled with hit duets like ‘It’s Your Love’ that reflect that happy union.

  • 2

    'Don’t Take the Girl'

    From ‘Not a Moment Too Soon’ (1994)

    In 1994, Tim McGraw released the follow-up to his breakthrough hit ‘Indian Outlaw.’ ‘Don’t Take the Girl’ embraced the story song category, which has always been an integral part of country music. Listeners were drawn to the tale of little Johnny learning how to fish, falling in love and bravely facing a tragedy that tested his faith. ‘Don’t Take the Girl’ is a must-have on our list of the best Tim McGraw songs.

  • 1

    'Live Like You Were Dying'

    From ‘Live Like You Were Dying’ (2004)

    Ten years after Tim McGraw’s first Top 10 hit, the singer proved that he could still deliver. Although the song was not written by the country star, it is associated with his father, Tug McGraw, who was hospitalized with a brain tumor in 2003. Tug died January 5, 2004 while the song tailor-made for the scenario rose to No. 1 six months later, on June 5, 2004. Packed with lyrics to live by, this song earned both a Grammy and a CMA Award for Song of the Year. Its power is what makes it our No. 1 pick for the Top 10 Tim McGraw Songs list.


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