Halloween in Monday, but various municipalities throughout southwest Oklahoma are celebrating and recommending celebration spread across the weekend leading up to All Hallows Eve. With that in mind, we have come up with some recommendations for parents and those planning on Halloween celebrations.

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But before the celebrating begins, we'd like to make sure that your Halloween weekend is as safe as it is ghoulish! So the stations of Townsquare Media Lawton have come up with a list of safety tips to ensure you a safe, yet ghoulishly good time.

Remind your children when they are out trick-or-treating, to check both ways before crossing streets, and always cross the street at intersections. And to only trick-or-treat at homes where the porch light is on and can be seen from the street. Travel in groups, with adult supervision, and do not enter the homes of strangers. Do not eat any of the candy received until it has been examined by an adult. Even one piece can be the wrong one.

Make sure their costumes do not obstruct their ability to see, hear or easily move about. Also, costumes should be fire resistant, and reflective. Make sure to take a flashlight, lantern or even a glow stick with you after dark to improve visibility.

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In order to avoid tragic confusion, do not carry toy guns or knives, which can be easily mistaken for the real thing. This kind of confusion could lead to a misunderstanding with tragic consequences.

And lastly,for  adults out there, the streets are going to be full of kids going from house to house and neighborhood to neighborhood. If you have somewhere, please leave a few minutes early so you don't have to rush, which can lead to speeding and possibly distracted driving. Please be aware of your surroundings and be ready for a child to dart out from between a car. And most of all, please, please, please...don’t drink and drive.

Wishing everyone out there a happy Halloween, from the stations of Townsquare Media Lawton --- KLAW101, Z94 and PopCrush 1073.

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