Carrie Underwood can certainly sing (have you heard that million-octave vocal range?!), but she can also make a mean music video.

In her decade-long career, Underwood has become one of the artists that, when she reveals a new video, you don't have to worry; you know it's going to be good. From emotionally charged to fury filled and everything in between, Underwood's clips are 100-percent entertaining. Some have a deeper message, while others are just plain fun, but throughout all of them, it's clear that Underwood was born to entertain, both onstage and in front of the camera.

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    "Jesus, Take the Wheel"

    "Jesus, Take the Wheel" won two Grammy Awards and various other trophies, giving the music world a heads up that Underwood was here to stay. The song's music video creatively threads together several storylines, including those of a woman, a young couple and an older couple, in which the situations required Jesus to "take the wheel," literally and figuratively speaking. We give the clip two thumbs up (with both hands on the wheel, of course!).

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    "Blown Away"

    This music video is a dark nod to The Wizard of Oz if we've ever seen one. The "Blown Away" clip is almost a mini-movie, as Underwood tackles the difficult issue of a violent and temperamental father, undergoes a horrific tornado and eventually emerges from the rubble stronger and more at peace. There are subtle visual references to the classic 1939 film throughout, but the video features Underwood front and center as one of country music's best storytellers, vocally and visually.

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    "Something in the Water"

    When Underwood's "Something in the Water" music video premiered during the 2014 CMA Awards, it took viewers' breath away, as if they themselves were submerged underwater -- yeah, the joyful video is that beautiful. The clip features 12 dancers performing in water and under waterfalls, and Underwood reveals that, to make the video happen, she used 16 choir members, three costume changes and a custom-built tank of recycled water. All that work paid off, though, as "Something in the Water" won the 2015 CMT Music Awards for Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year.

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    "See You Again"

    This video is full-on packed with emotional imagery. Underwood sings throughout the clip while wearing an angelic white dress, but the real stars of the "See You Again" music video are those affected by tragedies such as the Sandy Hook school shooting, 9/11 and the Moore, Okla., tornado; military personnel reuniting with their families are also featured (whether they've survived service or have passed on). "See You Again" won Video of the Year at the CMT Music Awards for a very good reason!

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    "Before He Cheats"

    Lesson learned: If you make Underwood mad, you'd better hide your car. The singer showed off her sassy side, much to the delight of fans, in this 2006 Roman White-directed music video. A baseball bat, a whole lot of keying and, eventually, a demolished truck are all part of the clip -- but our favorite part is getting to see the bada-- side of Underwood that isn't always apparent under her bright white smile and sweet personality.

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