Some of country music's newest music videos touch on heavy topics, from military veterans and the National Anthem to sexual harassment and the respectful treatment of women. There's also a little "Reckless" fun, a throwback tribute to a late icon and a good (not-so-)old-fashioned breakup.

Trace Adkins, 'Still a Solider"

Trace Adkins' "Still a Soldier" music video pays tribute to those United States military veterans who have returned home from war and live among us as the men and women next door. The clip takes a glimpse into the life of Army Specialist Bryan Gerwitz and his family, working and playing and living the American Dream. The end of the video captures Gerwitz and other veterans being honored onstage at one of Atkins' concerts.

"For those who have crawled off the battlefield but still stand for the Anthem ... this is for you," Adkins shares in a press release.

"Still a Soldier" is the current single from Atkins' album Something's Going On.

Chris Janson, "Drunk Girl"

The latest single off of Chris Janson's Everybody album, "Drunk Girl" carries an important message, speaking out how to treat a woman who's in a compromising situation. The song's black-and-white video features Janson playing a grand piano and singing the tune's poignant lyrics with heartfelt emotion: "That's how you know / The difference in a boy and a man / Take a drunk girl home."

"It's teaching the younger generation of men that this is probably the better way to treat a girl," Janson says in an interview with Rolling Stone Country. "It's written from a man's perspective, and from a father's perspective. If my daughters were in that situation, I hope someone would treat them with that respect."

Whiskey Shivers, "Reckless"

Not to be outdone by ... well, anyone, Whiskey Shivers deliver thrills with reckless abandon in the music video for their latest single, "Reckless." Filmed in a spinning room with equally dizzying instrumentation, the Shivers find themselves plastered to the walls in a science experiment-slash-carnival ride of a clip, which required a team of MIT engineers and an army of volunteer help.

“We built a 12 x 12 box, locked the band in it, put it on a semi-truck axle and spun it really f--king fast," director Rob Wadleigh says of making the video.

In its lyrics, "Reckless" reminds listeners to be kind, because "everybody's got a place under the sun."

Walker Hayes, You Broke Up With Me

Walker Hayes wanders through Nashville as he sings, plays and beatboxes his way into the hearts of a rapidly growing fan base in his music video for "You Broke Up With Me," the first single from his new album, Boom, which was released on Dec. 8. Ditching his Costco employee name tag for a gig at a little dive bar, Hayes tells the story of being passed over -- on the surface, by a girl, but underneath, by the music industry when he first tried to get a record deal.

William Michael Morgan, "Vinyl"

In his romantic "Vinyl" music video, William Michael Morgan, serenades a waitress clearing tables at a concert hall, where he's playing to an audience of ... only her. He eventually leaves the stage and gets her undivided attention for the last verse. "Vinyl" is the title track of Morgan's debut album; the sweet song compares the trusty nostalgia of a good record to capturing the love of a girl for all of time.

Gregg Allman, "Song for Adam"

On his final album, Southern Blood, which was released in September, Gregg Allman recreated Jackson Browne's "Song for Adam." The song's newly released, melancholy video follows an old biker, who's reminiscing about friendship and traveling across the globe. The clip moves back and forth through time, from the past, when two friends traveled together, to the present, when the biker moves through life alone. Allman died in May, and the "Song for Adam" video was released on Dec. 8, what would have been his 70th birthday.

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