As a member of the country duo Trailer Choir, “Big Vinny” Hickerson has done things most people only dream of, including scoring a top 20 album and a top 40 single. And as evidenced by his nickname, as well as his vocals on Trailer Choir’s hit ‘Rockin’ the Beer Gut,’ he’s learned to use his ample girth as an asset.

A recent health scare made Hickerson see things differently, however — and now that he’s a contestant on the latest season of ‘The Biggest Loser,’ starting Tuesday night, he says he feels like he’s “won the lottery.”

Hickerson opened up about his reasons for trying out for the show during a recent interview. “I was hospitalized for five days due to an infection in my body fed by my high blood sugar from diabetes,” he recalled, adding that he “felt as if I had won the lottery” when he found out he’d been selected by the show.

“But this lottery wasn’t about money,” continued Hickerson. “It was about my life. There is no amount of millions or billions you can pay to buy your life back.”

Discussing his hopes for his time on the show, Hickerson said, “I know ‘The Biggest Loser’ will improve my health, but I also believe it will make me a better person all around.” He went on, “It will give me more confidence than ever and help to make sure I’m around to protect and provide for the ones I love. Also, I believe God will use me as a tool through this to help strengthen other people.”

The new season of ‘The Biggest Loser’ starts Tuesday night on NBC.

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