Trent Harmon tells a love story in the music video for his song "There's a Girl." Somewhere out there, there's a girl (pun intended) he needs to get to -- but he's going to have to overcome a few obstacles to be with her!

Directed by Roman White, the "There's a Girl" clip opens with Harmon pulling a sheet off of a stunning old-school Pontiac GTO and taking it for a spin. However, not long after Harmon hits the road, his car breaks down, and he's got to hoof it to get where he's going -- until he finds a kid's bike, hitchhikes with a fun group of older women and borrows a biker's sweet ride. Does he ever make it to his love (and that pie she's making)? Readers can press play above to find out.

""There's a Girl" is my favorite song I've written to date," Harmon shares in a press release. "I came in with this almost sad story about how I actually drove hundreds of miles only to find out I'd lost my chance with her. We crafted a positive outcome because it's truly crazy what a man will do when he's in love."

"There's a Girl" will be one of the tracks on the Season 15 American Idol winner's debut album, set for release through Big Machine Label Group. The song is available for download on iTunes now.

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