Trisha Yearwood's new single "Every Girl in This Town" is indeed the inspiration she promised. The uptempo anthem is a universal, and likely necessary jolt of confidence delivered in soaring fashion.

Previously Yearwood told People that the track encourages the idea of dreaming beyond your surroundings — an idea that she conveys in the single art that features a childhood photo of her standing on a table outdoors, her arms outstretched as she smiles at the camera.

"I wanted it all," she recalls. "I was a little girl in a small town dreaming big, as evidenced by so many photos of me in dress-up, or like this photo … standing atop the picnic table in my stylish suede green shoes with the yellow smiley faces on them."

Sonically it's a contemporary mix of guitars and vocals that leave plenty of room for Yearwood to stand on her own tippy-toes to get those high notes. It's hardly a struggle of course and her catharsis — plus, several smart, descriptive lyrics — make the song.

Yearwood hinted to Taste of Country in early 2019 that the upcoming record has a "girl power" song that she admires, but it's unclear if "Every Girl in This Town" is the song she was referring to. The project is said to be a mix of ballads fans would expect to hear from her, while also incorporating piano-vocal songs that find her stepping outside the norm. She also shared with Taste of Country Nights that many of the tracks were written by female songwriters.

"There are a lot of girl singers in this town that need to be played on the radio that don't have record deals, but that are writing amazing songs and singing their butts off — and I got the benefit of being able to record a lot of these songs, so I’m excited," Yearwood says.

Did You Know?: Though an official date has yet to be announced, Yearwood anticipates the new country album, her first in 12 years, will be released in fall of 2019.

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Trisha Yearwood, "Every Girl In This Town" Lyrics:

Every girl in this town’s felt the wind in her hair / When the ferris wheel’s spinning at the county fair / Looked out from the top and wondered what’s out there for me / Every girl in this town’s had a Friday night / That ended in tears in the yellow porch light / Thinking it was love but it was just 17.

And we dance and we laugh until we all fall down / And we keep kissing boys trying to figure it out / Stretching for stars on our tippy toe hearts / Trying to get our big dreams off the ground / Like every girl in this town.

Every girl in this town is somebody’s daughter / An angel, a devil, no matter what they call her / If they try to hold her down under that water / Just come up baptized baby, let it make you stronger.

Every girl in this town / Every girl in this town / Yeah dust yourself off, put your lipstick on / You got this baby / So what if you don’t.

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