The latest "where did that come from?" viral craze is probably one nobody saw coming: Police officers are offering lip-syncing challenges to each other as they drive around town, belting out their favorite songs between calls, and later posting to social media to see which of their law enforcement peers can top their performance.

The phenomenon started in Texas, but quickly spread nationwide, with the hashtag #lipsyncbattle rounding up all the fun. While song choices have ranged from Alanis Morrissette, to Disturbed, to Frozen's "Let it Go," to "Despacito"—there haven't been too many country selections.

Until now! Bob Beres of South Carolina, known as "Trooper Bob" throughout the state, accepted the challenge and gave a spot-on performance of "Wagon Wheel" as performed by Darius Rucker. His performance has the added flair of a guitar (don't worry, he's playing while his car is parked, of course!) and is winning tons of raves from #lipsyncbattle fans all across social media.

Beres, a Navy veteran who now works as a spokesperson for the South Carolina Highway Patrol, can count Rucker himself as a fan—the singer, a South Carolina native himself, couldn't help but catch wind of the news, and retweeted Beres' video.

"Wagon Wheel," although made immensely popular by Rucker in 2013, was originally conceived by Bob Dylan, who recorded the chorus in 1973. That was elaborated upon by Old Crow Medicine Show in 2004, with Rucker's cover hitting No. 1 on the country charts and eventually being certified platinum.

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