Ty Herndon recently shared the audio for his emotional cover of Carrie Underwood's "So Small," and now the singer is back with a powerful new music video for the song, featuring kids from Nashville's Rainbow Squad.

Herndon opens the video by explaining just how special it is to him.

"You're about to meet 19 amazing kids and their families for an incredible song," he says. "I'm so happy to be able to bring this to you. We love you. You're important. You're awesome."

The clip starts out in black and white, with each of the kids having their faces painted with indistinguishable lines. As Herndon performs the song, though, the color kicks in and we can see just what the video is all about.

Herndon covered Underwood's "So Small" for his brand new album Got It Covered, which just came out on Aug. 23. The album features new versions of some of his originals with gender-appropriate pronouns, as well as a wealth of powerful cover songs from the likes of Underwood, Bonnie Raitt and many more. Herndon chose "So Small" as a focus track from the record because he says it literally changed his life.

"I was having a tough time deciding whether or not I wanted to stay in a business that I loved so much," he told Taste of Country when premiering the song.

Then he heard the 2007 Carrie Underwood tune while driving to a Real Estate class. "The message was incredibly strong and it was something I needed to hear," Herndon says. "But holy cow ... It was all about that vocal — dynamic, strong, and powerful! So powerful that it changed my mind. I had quite a few tears that morning in my truck. I let go of my fear and decided to stay in the music business."

Herndon came out as gay in 2014 and has since then become one of country music's strongest advocates from the LGBTQ+ community. He has worked extensively with the Trevor Project, Loveloud, and others, as well as serving as the MC for GLAAD's recurring Concert for Love & Acceptance during CMA Fest.

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