Each year around the middle of June, there is question that gets harder and harder to answer. "What do I get Dad for Father's Day? With Father's Day fast approaching (June 17), we have found some great unique gift ideas.  We will leave it up to you to decide if they are good or bad gift ideas!

Some Dads are so hard to buy for because they HAVE EVERYTHING.  Here's a list of some things Dad may not have thought of yet!

Beer Pager

If Dad is a little on the forgetful side, this may be the perfect gift for him.  It's a coozie with a built in pager and a remote control, so if Dad sets his beer down and forgets where he left it...just a press of the button, and it's found!

Man Cave Neon Sign

What man doesn't love Neon?  How about neon that announces his very own space?  What a great gift idea!

My Zombie Family Stickers

This is my favorite.  You know those annoyingly cute family stickers that you see on the back of the family SUV?  Well, they have taken a turn for the worse (or best)  A Zombie family!  Too cute!

These are just a few of the great ideas that are out there.  Do you have a great idea of what to get Dear Old Dad this Father's Day?