With the holidays passing by, it’s now the perfect time to plan an all-inclusive vacation somewhere tropical before the winter lulls set in. Even just the brochures will make you feel better, but how can you make sure your dream escape doesn’t turn into a nightmare?

Away.com reminds us that a few basic tips when planning a vacation can guarantee a rested and relaxed return home.


The first to-do is mulling over the all-inclusive inclusive option. You’ll pay a lot of money for amenities at a resort, and if your vacation is more about exploring the area than chilling by the pool, all-inclusive may not be for you.

Procrastination Is Your Enemy

All plans should be considered as far in advance as possible, maybe even a year ahead of schedule, says Away.com. Resorts fill up quickly and plane fares get expensive.

Get It All Done… At the Same Time

While you’re doing that, another good idea to consider is booking everything at once. A package deal for all of your travel is your best bet. Then, make sure you plan your trip during an off-season or consider what other types of vacationers will be at the resort when you want to go.

Find out what other tips made Away.com’s top 10 list.

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